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Rely On Your Friends' Music To Be The Best Radio Station!

Personalize your music stream by simply following friends and tastemakers on EQuala. Discovering and sharing music has never been this fast or easy. Introducing the first ever social radio app!

The EQualizer

The "Friends EQualizer" is the heart of EQuala and your new best friend. The EQ lets YOU control your music stream.

Simply choose which friends to get music from by adding them to your EQualizer, move them left/right to decide whose music will play more frequently, and slide to play. Yea, it's actually that easy!

Find the perfect match

Want to find the perfect friend to follow? Our awesome technology helps you discover music from the RIGHT people.

By creating a "Music DNA" for each user, EQuala presents the "% match", or music similarity, between you and any other user. View your friends' profiles and better understand their taste and listening habits.


EQuala is not only about the music. It's about the people behind the music! Commusicate with your friends and show appreciation for the music you enjoy by using the "love", "shout", "reshout" and "comment" options. EQuala is where the COMMUSICATION happens!

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"If you’re open to the idea of social music discovery but haven’t found the right experience yet, EQuala may be what you’re looking for", March, 2013

"Friends know us best, and they share their favorite songs with us knowing that those songs will probably be our favorites too... That’s the idea behind EQuala.", March, 2013

"The app makes it so easy to get the music playing; add and delete friends; and adjust their influence, that we found ourselves experimenting with our station a great deal.", Feb, 2013