What is EQuala?

Rely on your friends to be the best radio station. EQuala is the first platform where all the music you play comes from your friends & music lovers. In less than minutes, you can 'commusicate' the songs you love, to the people you choose.

At the foundation of EQuala lies the revolutionary “Friends EQualizer”, which allows users to control their music stream and select whose music will play more frequently. By relying on technology that accesses music previously shared on Deezer, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, and more, EQuala develops comprehensive profiles that enable friendly dialogue dedicated to music.

Say goodbye to texts, chats or web-based platforms for music recommendations. The automatic flow of music from one friend to another solves the gap between asking, downloading and listening. Moreover, EQuala enables users to interact socially with one another through the “love”, “shout”, and “re-shout” buttons.

EQuala is globally available by partnering with Deezer! Deezer, one of the world's most popular music services, with more than 20 million users, has made EQuala available for 180+ countries, meaning more friends, more music lovers and of course - more music!

About the Founders

EQuala was founded by three IDF officers, who all served in an elite unit specializing in intelligence, tech, and security. All founders have strong backgrounds in product management, development, databases, and sophisticated data mining algorithms. The qualities possessed by each founder, create a brilliant foundation for EQuala.

The Team

Lior Aharoni Co-Founder & CEO
Lior, CEO of EQuala, claims to be a quiet guy- just get to know him a little and you’ll realize the opposite is true. Lior is the first member of EQuala to make the move to the US and is taking NY by storm. He tried to be a musician and play the guitar, so far, unsuccessfully.
Liad Hacmon Co-Founder & VP Products
Liad is at the heart of our app. Specializing in product management, Liad lives and breathes EQuala. On the weekends you can find him at the beach, relaxing on a catamaran, drinking good wine with great friends. That's life. But he’s a genius!
Zohar Aharoni Co-Founder & VP R&D
Zohar is responsible for making things operate smoothly, so if they don’t - blame him. Zohar’s dedication and professionalism strengthen and guide the team. Zohar claims to be a quiet guy- and he actually is.
Arik Ben-Ari Creative Director
Arik is EQuala’s graphic designer and illustrator. He is passionate about music and plays the lead guitar in his band. He plans to become a rockstar in the coming months and share his music via EQuala…so stay tuned. Oh, and he's severely addicted to chocolate.
Amit Friedberg Senior Mobile Developer
Amit is our mobile expert, specializing in the Android platform. He has traveled across the world and back until he settled down and joined EQuala. He is charmingly sarcastic and his general knowledge is extremely impressive. Amit’s life has been completed by the arrival of his MacBook Air.
Tanya Low Director of Marketing
Tanya spearheads the marketing and outreach efforts, and with her determination and energy, your grandma will probably hear about EQuala. She is always on the go and just returned to NY after spending three months working in our humble office in Tel Aviv. It seems that we were all sleeping until she joined the team.
Avner Peled Mobile Developer
Avner is EQuala’s iOS developer and his creative and intuitive ways make him an incredible asset to the team. It didn't take long until he was dubbed the Office DJ, streaming tons of cool indie music throughout the day. He also has a degree in Biology and Philosophy, you know, just for fun.
Rebecca Goldberg Jr. Director of Marketing
Rebecca recently joined the EQuala team after leaving her career in advertising. Working side by side with Tanya, Rebecca plays an integral role in infiltrating the US markets. With her enthusiasm and devotion, your grandpa will probably hear about EQuala too!