EQuala Frequently Asked Questions

What is EQuala?

EQuala is a social radio app for your mobile device. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means, that like a radio station, the music is streamed. However, it also means that like a social network, the content comes from people – your friends and music lovers, more accurately.

You got it. With EQuala you can listen to great music that comes directly from the people you choose. Simply follow your friends (and tastemakers alike) to automatically listen to their music! By the users, for the users – no more automated playlists.

You haven’t downloaded it yet? What are you waiting for?!

How does it work?

EQuala’s algorithms analyze your true taste by monitoring your music activity. Through doing so, EQuala generates a personalized "Music DNA” that allows you to identify people with similar music taste, or “% match”. EQuala builds your “Music DNA” based on the music you “Love”, “Shout”, and “Reshout”, matching you with the best people to interact with. Everyone is a music consumer and influencer!

What is this EQualizer thingy...?

The Friends EQualizer (Aka EQ) lies at the heart of EQuala. It’s the engine behind your social radio. Simply add friends to your EQ and gain total control of your music stream. By adjusting the EQ bars, you can manage the frequency at which your friends’ music plays. All you have to do is click the “Add to EQ” symbol and select the people you’d like to hear from.

Who can I get music from?

Good question! Well, you can get music from anyone that you are friends with on Facebook, in addition to all EQuala users. That’s right, you can enjoy your friends’ music even if they’re not currently using EQuala. As long as they share their music via social platforms (such as Deezer, Spotify, 8tracks, Songza and more), you can access, hear, and share their music. But remember – the more friends using EQuala, the richer your music experience will be. So share EQuala with your friends and persuade them to connect!

How can I spread my music taste?

That’s an even better question! As you now know, EQuala is about sharing, discovering, and acquiring new music. EQuala provides you with the best tools to spread the music you like. These tools help you refine your music taste and allow your followers to “feel” it in their music stream.

Love - “Oh my god this is my favorite song!!” Yes? So “Love” it. Click on the heart button to show your appreciation for a great song. This action will show your friends that you enjoy their music and want to hear more.

Shout - You know a great song that you want to share with everyone? It’s time to “Shout” it! Find the songs you love and broadcast them to your community. Songs you “Shout” will be played in your followers’ music stream and simultaneously enhance your own “Music DNA”.

Reshout - Sometimes good things come to us when we least expect it…like hearing great songs out of nowhere! As the music you listen to comes from the people you choose, this will happen a lot. By shouting a song via a friend, everyone can enjoy the little discoveries too and explore on their own. It’s time to be a real friend and spread the love!

Comment – Different songs remind everyone of different things. Do you want to include a personal message to your “Shout”? Add a comment! By attaching a comment to a song, you create an additional layer to your social music experience with EQuala and promote dialogue among users.

The Love, Shout, Reshout and Comment tools also help us, the EQuala team, learn more about you, enabling us to better understand your “% match” with other users.

Can I keep track of the songs I love?

Well, every song you Love, Shout, or Reshout is mentioned in the feed on your profile; therefore, this info is at your disposal. If you like a song and would like to broadcast it to your followers, you can search it, “shout” it, and keep sharing the love!

What does it mean to be on the Popular page?

The people found on the popular page are those that perform best in the EQuala community. What does that mean exactly, you may ask? Well, the level of popularity is based on:

Start loving, shouting and shouting via today and join in on the fun!

Why can’t I skip more than six songs?

Unfortunately, we are restricted to music licenses, which is why we limit the number of skips permitted per hour. On the other hand, these licenses give us the opportunity to provide you with plenty of great music for free. We are working our hardest to make sure that your music stream is perfect, so you don’t feel the need to skip songs.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE!

Ok, so how do I get EQuala??

EQuala is available for download in the AppStore and Google play.

Have Fun!